meet the founder

Duane Mitchell

My vision for Baskkett is to extend the typical college store on a campus beyond its physical boundaries and to give students the ability to buy, borrow and book services on their campus while also making it seamless for students to earn money while in college towards their own internal goals.

My decision to build baskkett was sparked by a conversation that I had with a friend about how college had changed since we were last there. What was seemingly a casual conversation about colleges and college life led me to expand the scope of a freelance e-commerce project that I happened to be working on at the time.

Not too long ago, I was in your shoes, stomping across the quad on my way to either a class, club meeting or to visit the college store where I generally bought books, clothes, and supplies among other things. Baskkett is a different kind of college store that allows any student to find what they’re looking for while also allowing that same student to be their own “store”.

Before Baskkett, I was an international student at Cornell University (Bachelor of Arts in Economics). Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, I’ve spent my career in different roles in financial services most notably at Goldman Sachs and Millennium Management before launching Baskkett.